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[Wednesday, January 20, 2010]
Hi Everyone,
Welcome back to school after a long holiday! I hope you are rejuvenated and are ready to begin a new year of learning. For this blog, I would like you to reflect on what you have done in the past year as well your future plans. Here are some questions to help you get your journal writing going.
1. What were some of the things you did well last year and planned to continue doing this year?
Ans: I did well in Art & Craft and sports want to do well in it again. But Of Coures i want to do well in my 4 main subject too.
2. What were some of the things you did not do well last year?
Ans= I did not do well in maths and malay.
3. How do you plan to improve on them this year?
Ans=I plan to improve on them by revising them when i'm free
4. What are the two main things you want to do this year to improve your learning?
Ans= the two main things are reading and revising
5. How do you plan to accomplish them?
Ans= When i am free, i would do them and remember them.
6. Who do you think can help you accomplished your plan?
Ans= I think my parents can help me to accomplished my plan as they ae very supportive.
I hope you will make your journal writing interesting. I am looking forward to reading your blog soon.

- quoth Ariyana22 at 8:23 PM